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Nobody thinks it will happen to them...

Electronic surveillance costs businesses billions of dollars each year.

Working closely with CEOs, VPs, and security staff, Versus provides technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) services to business and government entities.

When you hire Versus, you benefit from CEO Greg Wilson’s 20 years of FBI technically trained agent expertise, conducting surveillance installations and technical surveillance countermeasure operations.

Protect your business from electronic surveillance. Book a phone consultation with CEO Greg Wilson to discuss your next move.

Corporate spying costs businesses billions of dollars a year

  • $500 billion is stolen from USA businesses via industrial espionage each year, according to the FBI.
  • Equipment to record and store hours of conversations can easily be purchased by one of your rivals for less than $25.
  • Over $880,000,000 of eavesdropping equipment is sold each year – in the United States alone.
  • Ensure your working space and communications are secure. Contact Versus today!

Versus, Inc. will protect your professional privacy

Why Choose Versus, Inc?

FBI Experience

CEO Greg Wilson draws on over 20 years of domestic and international FBI experience to out-smart the adversaries who want to steal your intellectual property and sabotage your business via technical surveillance.


We are discreet. Your confidentiality is our top priority.

We will never disclose any of the information that you share with us, and our client list is completely private.


Using the right equipment is critical for successful technical counter surveillance.

Versus operatives have attended elite TSCM training and are certified to use technology from global industry leading manufacturers. All operatives undergo yearly manufacturer certification training to keep skills fresh.


You will always work with the same countermeasures operative as your full-time point of contact.

We know names, faces, places and want to stay abreast of your operational tempo.

Think of us as an integral part of your in-house team.


Every business is different, so every job is different.

Versus packages and prices your job to your needs, based on an initial discovery call.

Our survey, assessment, and inspection process is as comprehensive as you need for that job.


We are proactive in our communications, keeping you fully informed at every step of the process with regular updates and written reports.

We can present findings and recommendations to your Board and other key business stakeholders.