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How Versus can help your business

Versus protects clients from electronic surveillance. Business areas and discussions particularly prone to vulnerability include:

Client confidential or patient information

Legal issues

Executive strategy meetings

Employee issues

Layoffs or employee dismissal

Mergers and acquisitions

Pricing and marketing strategy

Expansion or reorganization

New product development and launch

Conferences and retreats

We offer electronic counter-surveillance. We locate, identify and mitigate electronic devices, hazards, and vulnerabilities that exist in your space.

Our assessments combine a physical search – refined by years of real-world FBI experience – with cutting-edge technology. We are efficient, effective and thorough.

During our counter surveillance activity, we regularly find business continuity and safety hazards. If we discover anything that we think you should know about, we will tell you immediately.

We can provide a detailed report and present recommendations to your Board and other key stakeholders, as required.

Protect your business from electronic surveillance. Book a phone consultation with CEO Greg Wilson to discuss your next move.

What you can expect from a Versus assessment

The assessment involves a comprehensive physical inspection of the location using cutting edge technology and Greg Wilson’s FBI field experience to locate electronic surveillance equipment.

We can provide physical inspections at any time of the day or night, and for any location including boardrooms, executive offices, hotel rooms and third-party venues.

We cover:

– Radio frequency emissions analysis and investigation of the RF spectrum (the transmission of data via free space radio waves)

– Complete telephone and wireline analysis for the transmission of data via copper wires – POTS, Digital, VoIP

– Detection of concealed electronic devices behind walls or in other places of innocuous concealment, even if the unit is turned off

– Use of thermal imaging to identify otherwise hidden electronic equipment and power sources.

– Identification of existing vulnerabilities and hazards that could compromise your privacy

– Physical inspection based on FBI field experience

– Reporting and safekeeping of data during each search

– Strategic advice and support with the development of security plans

– Ongoing support for your in-house team so that they can continue to uphold full protection once Versus has left the site

Three steps to protect your business...

1. Book a call with us


There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to TSCM.

We’ll have a relaxed conversation, where I’ll do a lot of listening to learn about your corporate security needs, and you can assess whether Versus is a good fit for your business.

Everything that is discussed on this call will be completely confidential.

2. Proposal & pricing


Included in your proposal:

– review of your corporate security challenges

– recommended solutions and timeframe

– outline of how we will work together

– a transparent quote with no hidden costs

There will be an opportunity to discuss budget during our initial call, so you will not get any surprises at the proposal stage.

3. Delivery & handover


Versus will carry out activities in collaboration with your in-house team to meet agreed deadlines.

We will provide recommendations for ongoing actions that your in-house team can take to ensure that your level of protection does not drop once Versus has left the site.